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  • gmpand3 started the conversation

    How can I achieve full width single post page? It appears I have no control over the template width with regards to the browser window. I only see a fixed width option with or without a sidebar in the administration. 

    May I also suggest that you just allow the same level of templating to the posts as you do with pages as a feature request. That would allow for much better flexibility. We'd just need to be able to turn on/off the header section and info therein plus select a template. 

    Thanks for the assistance. 

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    Tfingi replied

    Hi gmpand3

    You can choose to have full-width single post pages in 'Theme Options' -> 'Blog Settings' -> 'Single blog post layout'.

    To customise the title row you would need to customise the theme template files.


    Tfingi team